Parsons, the Main Construction Manager for the Giant Mine Remediation Project is committed to ensuring that the capacity exists to maximize Indigenous training, employment, subcontracting and other opportunities involving Indigenous citizens and businesses in carrying out the work under this project.

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Companies Currently Engaged in the MCM Work at the Giant Mine Remediation Project

  • Advanced Medical Solutions Inc. operating as Det’on Cho Medic North
  • Det’on Cho Scarlet Security Services Ltd.
  • Pure Elements Environmental Solutions
  • Det’on Cho Procon Joint Venture
  • Det’on Cho Nuna Joint Venture

Frequently asked Questions

When will jobs be available at Giant Mine?
Opportunities at Giant Mine will begin in the late spring or early summer of 2018
Do I need previous mine experience to work at Giant Mine?
Many of the opportunities at Giant Mine do not require any previous mining experience, however, depending on the opportunity previous or relevant experience or training may be required beforehand.
How do I get training for work at Giant Mine?
Please visit our Training and Assistance page for information specific to eligible Indigenous personnel in the Yellowknife area.
Is work at Giant Mine dangerous?
Safety is the most important job at Giant Mine, and it is everyone’s responsibility. Before any company, or individual, begins work at Giant Mine, they must successfully complete strict training, and adhere to strong regulations regarding the safety of all personnel, and the environment. Nonetheless, all activities at work or at home, have some element of risk to them, so it is our collective responsibility to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable work environment, and goes home safely each day.
How much money will I make at Giant Mine?
The compensation for work performed at Giant Mine varies depending on the task performed, skill level, experience, and other factors. Each Contractor at Giant Mine will have their own pay structures and positions depending on the work they are doing.

Training and Assistance